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Our blog offers a wide range of information, news and articles relating to the law, recent news and events along with more information from the QualitySolicitors Keith Park team, based in St Helens. If there is something you would like to see us write about get in touch!

Needing Legal Advice Due to Benefits Fraud

Being accused of a crime is a frightening experience for most people. One of the common issues that we deal with at KP Solicitors in St Helens is benefit fraud. Often, these cases involve small [...]

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Seeking a Solicitor for Legal Advice for a Drugs Offence

As we know from the news, drugs are prevalent in society and many substances such as cannabis and ecstasy are banned. Using, possessing, growing or manufacturing them are classed as criminal offences. While small scale [...]

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Expert Criminal Law Advice from Local Solicitors

Most of us hope we don’t need a local solicitor more than once or twice in our lives and only for those important things like buying a house or signing a business contract. If you [...]

Legal Advice and Representation in St Helens, Merseyside

There may be any number of reasons you need legal advice or representation. For most of us, this happens maybe once or twice during our lifetime. There are certainly several areas where getting the right [...]

Need a Lawyer in St Helens? We’re here to help

You could have a variety of reasons why you might need to hire a solicitor. If you live in St Helens or the surrounding area and need urgent advice or representation, Keith Parks are here [...]

Solicitors in St Helens Town Centre

Keith Parks have been operating in St Helens town centre for over 40 years and during that time we’ve managed to develop our reputation among local residents and businesses as one of the best solicitors [...]

Needing Legal Advice in Prison

At Keith Park Solicitors, we understand that if you have been convicted of an offence and sent to prison that doesn’t mean you no longer need legal advice. There may be a variety of reasons [...]

The Effects of Losing Your Driving Licence

You can lose your licence for a variety of reasons and be banned from driving if you end up with 12 or more points. You may, for example, have accrued points from speeding offences or [...]

Reasons to Have a Solicitor Present When Being Questioned by Police

If you have been invited into the police station to be questioned over a possible offence, it can be a daunting, even frightening, experience. There may be any number of reasons why a police officer [...]

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Failure to Provide Driver Details When Stopped By The Police

If a motoring offence has been committed, failing to tell the police who was driving the vehicle involved is classed as an offence. This could happen, for instance, if your car was in an accident [...]

Legal Advice Involving Drink Driving Motoring Offences

If you have been caught and charged with a drink driving offence, it can have a huge impact on your life. Not only will you be given a criminal record if you are convicted but [...]

Totting Up Points Leading to Disqualification

Getting points on your licence is a major problem, particularly if you need to be able to drive for work. There are numerous offences that you can commit which will add automatic points and can [...]

Stricter Punishments for Speeding Drivers Now In Effect

Today (24th April 2017) sees the introduction of much harsher penalties for speeding offences in England and Wales. Motoring groups have welcomed the changes which are designed to make the financial effect of penalties even [...]

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Supreme Court Ruling In Favour of Cohabiting Couple

On Wednesday 8th February 2017 the Supreme Court ruled in favour of Denise Brewster in relation to her fight to gain access to her late partner’s pension.   This is a case which commenced in 2009 [...]

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New Sentencing Guidelines for Magistrates’ Courts Published

As from 24th April 2017 new sentencing guidelines are coming into force. Therefore, any cases to be heard in court on or after this date will be subject to the new guidelines. One of the [...]

Facing a Criminal Charge

If you are being charged with an offence you will no doubt be looking for legal advice as it can be a daunting and stressful time.   You will need expert guidance on what to expect, [...]

Are You Committing a Motoring Offence?

According to figures over 500,000 drivers (1) are still driving while using their mobile phone.  This is not a UK problem, it appears that this is a world-wide problem for motorists. Evidence is building up [...]

Employment Law Advice: Reasons to Meet with a Solicitor

Over the years, employment law has become quite complicated. There is plenty of legislation in place to protect workers and several processes that employers must implement to stay on the right side of the law. [...]

Fixed Fee Legal Advice in St Helens

One of the issues any individual has when getting legal advice is how much it’s going to cost. You could be forgiven for thinking that those solicitor fees are going to start mounting and you’ll [...]

Seeking a Divorce: How We Can Help

Going through a divorce is not something any of us takes lightly. There’s a huge amount of emotion and stress involved and it can be a daunting prospect for those involved. At Keith Park’s we [...]

Solicitors in St Helens

For whatever reason at some point we need legal advice whether this is for divorce, making a will or an employment law matter.  The law can be complicated therefore finding advice needs to be from [...]

Divorce After Christmas

Once Christmas is over there is a surge of enquiries to solicitors regarding divorce (1).  It seems that couples wait until Christmas is over to make their decisions usually due to family commitments. Many couples [...]

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Police Crack Down on Using a Mobile Phone Whilst Driving in St Helens & Beyond

According to The Daily Mail (1) more than 500,000 drivers are still using their mobile phones illegally.  One in twenty of these drivers are aged under thirty.  This article reports that using a mobile phone [...]

When to Use a Probate Solicitor

If you have been chosen to be the executor of someone’s will then you will, at some point, come across the issue of probate. Essentially this is the official proving of a will and dealing [...]

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Top Tips for Planning Your Will

Most people don’t want to think about what happens when they pass away. That’s a common reaction we get at Keith Park Solicitors and perfectly understandable. If you die without having made a will, however, [...]

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FREE Saturday Wills, Probate & Lasting Power of Attorney Clinic in St Helens 15th October 2016

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Fines for School Term Time Family Holidays

Since Jon Platt’s High Court victory last May Derbyshire County Council has relaxed its rules regarding parents taking their children on holiday during term time (1). There are some stipulations one being that the child [...]

Brad & Angelina to Divorce

Anyone with access to a television or mobile device will probably now be aware that divorce proceedings are due to start between possibly the most famous married couple in the world, Brad Pitt and Angelina [...]

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Seeking a Divorce After a Family Holiday

While most people feel that the family holiday is a time to relax and spend some quality time together, if you have problems in your relationship it can also be the moment when things come [...]

Settlement Agreements: The Advantages for Employers and Employees

Settlement agreements are legally binding contracts that are used in the work place normally when an employment situation comes to an end. For example, if members of staff are accepting redundancy, a settlement agreement can [...]

Legal Advice for Elderly Clients

At Keith Park Solicitors in St Helens, we are often visited by elderly clients looking for advice and legal help with one thing or another. As with all our visitors, we try to make sure [...]

Making a Claim After an Accident at Work

One area where accidents often occur is in the work place and if your employer is seen to be at fault it can often be difficult to get compensation unless you use a solicitor who [...]

Greater Manchester Police: Domestic Abuse Privacy Breach Compensation

It has been headline news recently regarding the case of a domestic abuse victim who has won her case against Greater Manchester Police regarding breaches of confidentiality.  The case highlighted the fact that GMP broke [...]

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Reasons to Meet with a Solicitor if you are Thinking About Divorce

It can be a very traumatic time for any married couple. Divorce is not something most people take lightly and usually comes after a certain amount of heartache. Emotions are high and you need the [...]

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Keith Park Solicitors Sponsoring Ruskin Beer Festival 5/6th August 2016

We are proud to again be sponsoring the Ruskin Beer Festival who are raising funds for St Helens Autism Support. We are sponsoring a barrel of beer, if you would like to head down to [...]

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Seeking Legal Advice Can Save You Money in the Long Run

People often wait far too long before they seek legal advice, not realising that quicker intervention or action can often save them money in the long run. If you think you have a problem that [...]

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Is Your Business Compliant with all Associated Laws Relating to Your Sector?

It can be difficult for businesses, both large and small, to keep track of current legislation and make sure they are complying in all areas they are obliged to. While big corporations can have their [...]

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Professional Negligence from an Accountant

We depend on professionals such as accountants to handle our affairs correctly but sometimes things do go wrong. This could be due to circumstances beyond everyone’s control or it may be because the accountant has [...]

Legal Advice for Motoring Offences

Motoring offences can vary from minor infractions that carry a few penalty points and a fine to more serious ones that could find you being prosecuted, losing your licence and perhaps also losing your job [...]

Is Your Business Compliant with Employment Law?

Employment law has evolved over the last few years. Some of these changes have been carried out to reduce the amount of red tape, others to protect employees and provide them with a more secure [...]

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Defending a Statutory Demand

Whether you are a business or an individual, finances can sometimes get on top of you. When this happens it’s best not to ignore demands for payment and, if need be, seek legal advice to [...]

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Driving Tips at Christmas

Driving in the winter can be hazardous but at Christmas it can be even worse. During the Christmas period seasonal weather can make conditions dangerous and the holidays can mean more travel due to visiting [...]

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2015 Selection Box Appeal

For the third year running we have been collecting selection boxes in aid of St Helens Young Carers. We have been absolutely overwhelmed with the generosity of local people. There are literally hundreds of young [...]

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What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring the ownership of a property from one person to another. This includes preparing all the documentation and begins when you put in an offer on the sale of [...]

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Black Friday in St Helens

Black Friday has arrived and St Helens Council is opening their town centre car parks free of charge from 5:30 am. The Council think that this will make the town centre more accessible for shoppers [...]

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Divorcing Over 60

Divorce rates among those aged over 60 has steadily risen since 1990 in England and Wales (1). Although looking at the rest of the population divorce has actually fallen according to the Office of National [...]

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Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

The German car company Volkswagen has admitted that they have been cheating on emission tests in America where it has been called the 'diesel dupe'. The Environmental Protection Agency say that some cars had devices [...]

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Diabetes in the UK

Diabetes UK (1) has reported that the number of people who are being diagnosed with this disease has risen by 60% in the past ten years, higher than ever before. Not having diabetes diagnosed and [...]

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Welfare of The Child

The much-publicised case of Ethan Minnock and his mother Rebecca has illustrated how emotionally fraught disputes over children are. Rebecca Minnock, fled from her Somerset home with Ethan on 27th May, the day a judge [...]

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Mankini Madness

The mankini, an item of thong type swimwear which was made popular by the Sasha Baron Cohen movie Borat no longer has a place in Newquay. During the height of the mankini rage Newquay was [...]

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Dementia Awareness Week

Dementia affects many people including their family and friends and this is why The Alzheimer’s Society have launched Dementia Awareness Week 17th – 23rd May 2015. It is hoped that this week will highlight how [...]

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Dying Without Dignity

When in hospital things can go wrong, most people understand this. When potentially life changing errors occur that are avoidable it becomes unacceptable. The Independent (1) broke a story showing the Parliamentary and Health Service [...]

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Claiming Compensation

What is Compensation? If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault then you may be entitled to compensation. This is an amount of money which is given or received as payment [...]

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Facebook Divorce

When considering divorce and the legal process not many people think of divorcing using Facebook. Yet it has been reported that a couple from New York has done just that with the help of their [...]

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DIY Divorce (With Support!)

We understand that Divorce can be an expensive business. Some people attempt their own 'DIY Divorce' using forms that can be bought online and in some retail stores. Unfortunately, without legal training and a solid [...]

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Seeking Legal Advice

There are times in life when legal advice is needed. Whether this is support buying or selling a home, writing a will or claiming after an accident. At times like this it is important to obtain [...]

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St Patrick’s Day!

On 17th March the World celebrates St Patrick’s Day, but who was St Patrick? This saint is the most popular saint in Ireland and along with St Nicholas is the only secular saint in the [...]

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How good is coffee?

According to the British Coffee Association 70 million cups of coffee are drunk in the UK per day. The question arises just how good is coffee for your health? Modern day café culture in nothing [...]

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Divorce Day!

The first working Monday after Christmas has been given the term 'divorce day'. Even in the days following Christmas day online searches for the term 'divorce' rise dramatically. With divorce filings jumping by up to [...]

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2014 In Review!

After a busy but wonderful festive period we are taking some time to reflect on 2014. The last few days alone have been noteworthy with a seal being found in a field in St Helens, [...]

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Half Price Wills

If you're thinking about having a will written we offer half price wills on basic wills every Tuesday by appointment only. If you would like to book an appointment please contact us.

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Employment Law Changes 2014

We looked into what impact the recent employment law changes have had on the industry: The recent changes in Employment Law and particularly claims to Tribunals have seen a significant reduction in the amount of [...]

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Coercive Control

According to Women’s Aid one case of domestic violence is reported to the police every minute and two women a week are killed by their male partners. These figures only give the amount of cases [...]

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Vacant Homes are Waste

The British Property Federation (BPF) has called the 1 million empty homes in the UK a ‘shameful waste’. According to the BPF there are over 4 million people on housing waiting lists in Britain and [...]

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Private Investigators

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has launched a campaign aimed at ensuring private investigators follow the correct notification procedures. As they are handling people’s private data they are subject to the Data Protection Act in [...]

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Is The House Dip Healthy?

I am terrified to pick up the paper or switch on the news, are we facing housing market Armageddon???? According to Nationwide, the market has stalled, house prices falling 0.9% in August, but are still [...]

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