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Criminal Law FAQs Answered By Our Solicitors Based in St Helens

At Keith Park Solicitors we provide you with an efficient service that is quick but thorough. We have a team of specialists who are here to support you and make you aware of your legal rights.

We are specialists in criminal law and understand that there are times when you need professionals who listen and act in order to save you unnecessary stress and inconvenience. We deal with many clients and below you will find some frequently asked questions that we have noted from our past clients.

When I was arrested I didn’t know what to do.

The first thing you should do is ask the custody sergeant to contact Keith Park Solicitors in order that we can attend the police station and represent you. One of our professional specialists is available 24 hours a day.

What do I do if I am charged?

Firstly don’t panic, make contact with us as soon as possible in order to discuss your situation.

If the Police ask me questions do I answer?

The initial answer to this question is no.  You need legal advice and a representative in order that you obtain the best advice. Remember you have the right to remain silent. You need one of our experienced staff who can deal with Police questioning.

What will it cost to have representation at the Police Station? 

This is a free service as you are entitled to free representation when being questioned.

When being detained how long can the Police keep me in custody?

This can vary depending on the alleged offence. Initially the police can keep you for 24 hours but this rises to 36 hours if you are going before a Crown Court.

Can the Police search my home or premises?

The Police can search your premises if they have a warrant that has been issued by a Magistrates Court. They can also search your premises if they feel stolen items are there and are connected to the offence under investigation.

What does Police Bail mean? 

If you are released on police bail then you have to attend the Police Station at a time given to you by the Police. Bail is usually given when the Police need to conduct further enquiries.

Will I get bail?

This again depends on the crime, but once you have been charged the Custody Sergeant will consider whether an individual should be bailed to appear in Court at a later date or whether they should remain in custody. Although for the Custody Sergeant to make this decision he or she needs to take into account certain factors for example previous record and the seriousness of the crime.

If I am under 16 can I still be represented by you?

The answer to this question is yes we represent people of all ages. If you are under 18 you are also entitled to have an appropriate adult with you as a support. This can be a carer or a parent.

If you have any questions that are not covered above why not contact us when one of our qualified, professional staff will be happy to answer any questions.