The Effects of Losing Your Driving Licence

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The Effects of Losing Your Driving Licence

You can lose your licence for a variety of reasons and be banned from driving if you end up with 12 or more points. You may, for example, have accrued points from speeding offences or you could have been convicted of a more serious offence such as drink driving and face an instant ban and fine.

The most immediate cost of losing your driving licence is that you are no longer able to drive a car. The longer-term impacts can be a lot more dramatic, however:

  • You could lose your job if driving is an integral part of the work you undertake.
  • You will find it harder in future to get insurance once your ban is lifted and you are able to drive again and the cost will almost certainly rise significantly.
  • Your licence will be taken off you and retained by the DVLA. You will not be able to drive in this country nor abroad – doing so could risk you being arrested and charged with a criminal offence.
  • If you have accumulated 12 points and are an experienced driver, the minimum disqualification period is 6 months.
  • If you are a new driver and have accumulated 12 points your licence will automatically be revoked and you will have to retake your test.
  • For those with a family, being able to drive is a significant part of getting the kids out and about and not having a car will have an even bigger impact.
  • Finally, there is also the damage to your reputation, especially if you have been convicted of a serious offence such as drink driving.

While we often take being able to drive for granted, once our licence is confiscated we suddenly realise how much we depend on our car. If you are facing a ban then it’s very important that you get the proper legal advice about where you stand and what you can realistically do. In many circumstances, a ban is achieved by accruing points over a period. This can be anything from breaking the speed limit to parking in the wrong place when you are picking the kids up from school.

If you drive for work it can be even easier to pick up points and suddenly find yourself close to disqualification. This can include again breaking the speed limit but also using your mobile phone while driving or even parking on double yellow lines to unload your van.

Not only can the experienced legal team at Keith Park give you the right advice about any potential ban, we can also help you fight immediate problems such as minor offences which can quickly add to your points total. If there are extenuating circumstances we may well be able to defend your corner. The majority of speeding offences, for example, are now dealt with under fixed penalties which drivers pay rather than go to court to defend. In more serious cases like drink driving or dangerous driving, our team of solicitors will be able to take a closer look at your case and determine whether there are extenuating circumstances that could help in mitigation.

If you are worried about losing your licence, the sooner you get the right legal advice the better. Contact Keith Park Solicitors in St Helen’s today for a free initial consultation to find out where you stand.