Need a Lawyer in St Helens? We’re here to help

//Need a Lawyer in St Helens? We’re here to help

Need a Lawyer in St Helens? We’re here to help

You could have a variety of reasons why you might need to hire a solicitor. If you live in St Helens or the surrounding area and need urgent advice or representation, Keith Parks are here to help. We not only ensure you get the support you need, you’ll have access to specialist legal services that are designed to meet your specific case requirements.

Legal Advice

  • Most people don’t know the ins and outs of the law and getting your information from a professional team who know what they are talking about is important.
  • Perhaps you’re not sure if you have a case or not for a personal injury claim?
  • Maybe your doctor or medical team have left you in pain or you’ve been given the wrong advice or medication.
  • You could be facing redundancy and want to make sure you get the best deal you can.
  • If you’ve been charged with a criminal offence, you certainly need a good lawyer to talk to.

There are plenty of areas where Keith Parks can help you with sound legal advice that helps you move to the next stage. What you want on your side is a team that is going to outline the solutions to your legal problem and help you take the best course of action. For some that might mean not taking it any further at all. Others may be encouraged to know that the law is on their side or that they can take advantage of our specialist legal services to get the outcome they are looking for.

Legal Representation

While you may not need to take things further, you could also require legal representation. That involves a qualified solicitor fighting your corner and putting together the process and plan of action to resolve your issue. With 40 years providing a top-quality service to the people of St Helens, we’ve certainly got the experience you are going to need. Our friendly and open approach is also something that our clients value a lot.

We work with both commercial and private clients covering a wide range of legal issues including divorce and family law, probate and wills, employment law and, of course, criminal law. At Keith Parks in St Helens, we’ve bought together teams of experts who are specialists in their own fields.

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, the last thing you want is a conveyancing lawyer advising you. You want a qualified, experienced criminal solicitor. Similarly, you will be looking for someone with a good knowledge and practice of employment law if you have a problem at work that needs to be addressed.

Some people need a lawyer at a highly charged time in their lives and it can be a daunting experience. When you visit Keith Parks in St Helens you get a sympathetic advocate and someone who is going to listen to your side of the story. We’ll be able to give you the impartial, no nonsense advice that you need right there and then.

Deciding to go ahead with any form of litigation involves weighing up the pros and cons and our team of solicitors will be able to help you do that. Whether it’s a minor legal matter or something more complex, if you need a lawyer in St Helens, contact the team at Keith Parks today.


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