Needing Legal Advice in Prison

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Needing Legal Advice in Prison

At Keith Park Solicitors, we understand that if you have been convicted of an offence and sent to prison that doesn’t mean you no longer need legal advice. There may be a variety of reasons you suddenly want a qualified solicitor fighting your corner.

Of course, for many people, going to prison can be a confusing and frightening time. You might feel that there is nothing you can do and you simply need to absorb everything that comes your way. If you are a family member and you have a son or daughter, husband or wife in prison, you may want to make sure that your loved one’s legal rights are being respected or they’re getting help when they most need it.

That could mean making sure they are properly represented when they go for a parole meeting or simply that they are not being discriminated against for any reason.

Legality doesn’t end once you step into a prison. In most circumstances, our legal team will be able to contact the prison directly to resolve any issues on your behalf. If the problem is more complicated, it could involve our team taking the issue to court to get a decision. Many prisoners feel isolated once they have been handed their sentence and don’t think that they can access legal advice at all. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There are a wide range of reasons you may need the legal assistance of the Keith Park team, individuals experienced in all aspects of prison law:

  • You might feel you are being discriminated against in prison, either because you have a disability or because of your race or sexuality.
  • You may have issues with the visiting rights you have been allowed.
  • Perhaps you require ongoing medical treatment and this is not being provided by the prison.
  • You might have been a victim of a crime such as an assault, either by other prisoners or by the staff themselves.
  • You could want help in gaining early release on licence or legal advice on tagging or a home detention curfew.
  • You may want to have legal representation when you go for a parole hearing or if there is an adjudication or judicial review coming up.
  • You may be due to be released but there is an unnecessary delay in that happening.
  • You could have been sent to an open prison and then returned to a closed prison and want to argue your case to reverse the decision.
  • You might be a mother who has been put in custody and face separation from your baby but want to know what your rights are.

Just because you have been sentenced and sent to prison does not mean you shouldn’t have good legal advice. If you feel that you are being unfairly treated or need someone to work through the issues with you then the legal team at Keith Parks in St Helens is available. We’ll be able to visit you and give you the no nonsense advice and counsel that you are looking for. Contact us today.



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