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Police station attendance from solicitors in St Helens

Anyone detained at a police station has the right to consult with a solicitor. Anyone interviewed by the police has a right to have a solicitor present whether or not that person is under arrest or has attended voluntarily. It costs you nothing.

We have years of experience in dealing with police station interviews and always advise anybody in this situation to have a solicitor with them.

There are various reasons why you or someone you know may be interviewed by the police, these can include:

  • Facing questioning over an offence, this can range from criminal damage right through to the most serious offences such as murder.
  • Attending a police station voluntarily to help the police with their enquiries.
  • Actually being arrested and facing interview.

If the police want to interview you or you know of family or friends who are detained by the police for interview you should contact us on Freephone 01744 454 477. We offer a twenty-four hour service, three-hundred and sixty-five days of the year.

This service is available right across the St Helens area as well as Warrington, Widnes, Liverpool & beyond. Our team of criminal law solicitors have vast experience and can offer you expert legal advice when you need it most.

You can call us on 0800 195 5218  (Our Out Of Hours Emergency Contact Number 01744 454 477 is available 24 hours a day).