Reasons to Have a Solicitor Present When Being Questioned by Police

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Reasons to Have a Solicitor Present When Being Questioned by Police

If you have been invited into the police station to be questioned over a possible offence, it can be a daunting, even frightening, experience. There may be any number of reasons why a police officer could want to talk to you – you might have been a witness to a crime and they need to take down your version of events or you may been implicated in an offence and they want to test the water and ask you some questions before potentially charging you.

While for many people, being invited in for an interview might raise alarm bells and have them reaching for their nearest solicitor, others tend to just go along. The reasons for this can be they think they are not involved in the event being investigated, believe they can’t afford legal advice in the first place or simply think they don’t need it. This happens particularly when people are invited for a ‘voluntary’ interview where they haven’t been charged.

Thankfully, most of us will never be invited down to the local police station to give an interview and few of us will do it more than once in a lifetime. Having a solicitor present who knows how the process works is important, even if you are completely innocent, and will ensure that you are treated respectfully and that you understand your rights once you get there.

If the police are accusing you of committing a crime and have cautioned you, not having legal advice available during the interview could put you at a disadvantage when it potentially comes to trial. Our qualified team of criminal lawyers at Keith Park Solicitors in St Helens have experience in a wide range of offences including charges for anti-social behaviour, assault, benefit fraud, drugs offences and burglary as well as the very serious ones such as murder or manslaughter.

What you say in an interview can determine, along with other evidence, whether the police or CPS will decide to arrest and charge you. A solicitor will be able to talk to you beforehand and advise on the best course of action for your situation as well as sit with you in the interview and makes sure that you get fair treatment and that your version of events is heard. Most interviewing officers, whether they will admit it or not, would prefer to talk to a suspect in a crime without a solicitor present, at least initially.

All solicitors will advise anyone being interviewed by the police, either under caution or on a voluntary basis, to arrange to have legal support available. At Keith Park our specialist legal team is available at all times of the day, all through the year, which means you can simply give us a call and have someone attend. We can deal with any issue relating to criminal law from the smallest infringements up to major Crown Court matters.

If you have been invited in for questioning or have a family member or friend who has been called in, contact the legal team at Keith Parks for the legal advice and guidance you need.

Our out of hours emergency criminal law contact number is:

01744 454 477

It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.


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