Seeking a Solicitor for Legal Advice for a Drugs Offence

//Seeking a Solicitor for Legal Advice for a Drugs Offence

Seeking a Solicitor for Legal Advice for a Drugs Offence

As we know from the news, drugs are prevalent in society and many substances such as cannabis and ecstasy are banned. Using, possessing, growing or manufacturing them are classed as criminal offences.

While small scale offences can be dealt with by the Magistrates Court, if you are accused and charged with a more serious offence it could end up in the Crown Court and, if convicted, result in a custodial sentence.

At KP Solicitors in St Helens, we have the criminal lawyers in place who will be able to provide the advice and counsel you need if you have been accused of any drug related offence. The sooner you contact a solicitor, the better it can be for the outcome of your case.

The seriousness of any offence, of course will depend on several factors:

  • The amount of drug you have been found in possession of. You don’t have to be present or have it on your person to be charged. If a drug is found in your home, for instance, whether you put it there or not, you can be found responsible.
  • The classification of the drug. Class A drugs such as heroin and cocaine are obviously more serious but you can also be arrested for possessing Class C drugs such as tranquilizers or anabolic steroids.
  • If you were just using it personally or you were attempting to supply to others. The more serious offence is possessing drugs with the intent to supply and can carry severe sentences.
  • Whether you have been convicted of a drug offence before.

Ignorance is rarely a defence in these situations and whether you knew the drug in your possession was legal or not has little or no consequence. Drug offences are taken very seriously by both the police and the courts and you could face maximum sentences that vary from a few years to life imprisonment. That includes for the new legal highs which have been developed in recent years to mimic substances like cocaine and ecstasy. These are now all largely banned and possession or supply can lead to criminal convictions.

KP Solicitors has a wide range of experience in dealing with simple and highly complex cases when it comes to drugs offences. We also offer an emergency response which means we can attend a police station any time, night or day if you have been arrested. It is important that, if this has happened, you get the right legal advice straight way.

We understand that this is going to be a highly stressful and confusing time for you, so it’s always a sensible idea to have someone by your side who knows the law. We always employ specialist solicitors who know what they are doing – that means you can be sure you have someone working on your behalf and giving you the best advice when you most need it.

Contact KP Solicitors in St Helens today if you want to know more. Based in the centre of St Helens our teams operate across areas including Liverpool and Warrington.


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